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Vegetarian Starter

Legend: D-Dairy G-Gluten N-Nuts
  • £4.25

    Vegetable Pakora

    Mixed vegetable with gram flour herbs and spices.

  • £4.25

    Vegetable Samosa G

    Golden crispy triangle pastry filled with mildly spiced potatoes and peas.

  • £4.95

    Paneer Tikka D

    Homemade cottage cheese marinated with mustard and fragrant fenugreek.

  • £4.95

    Garlic Mushrooms D

    Marinated with garlic, medium-hot spices with gram flour deep fry.

  • £4.95

    Baby Aubergine Pakora

    Sliced cut aubergine spice with gram flour deep fry.

  • £3.95

    Aloo Tikka

    Grilled mush potatoes with spiced deep fried

  • £3.95

    Chana Puri

    Masala chickpea with puff bread

  • £3.95

    Aloo Chana Chat

    Baby potatoes, tomatoes, yogurt, bell peppers with chaat masala.

Non - Vegetarian Starters

Legend: D-Dairy G-Gluten N-Nuts
  • £5.50

    Chicken Tikka D

    Marinated chicken in mustard and yoghurt.

  • £5.95

    Tandoori Chicken D

    quarter of chicken marinated in lemon juice, fresh chilli, ginger and garlic.

  • £4.95

    Chicken Pakora G

    Strips of chicken fillet marinated, battered and deep-fried.

  • £5.95

    Lamb Sheekh Kebab

    Minced lamb with ginger, cheddar and freshly ground spices cooked on a skewer

  • £7.50

    Lamb Chops D

    Scottish lamb chops marinated in ginger, spices, and honey (two pieces)

  • £6.95

    Mix Kabab D

    Two pieces chicken tikka, two pieces seekh kebabs, one-piece lamb chops.

  • £5.95

    Saag Prawn Puri

    Prawns cooked with pureed fresh spinach infused with garlic, cumin, green herbs, and a touch of fresh cream. Medium.

  • £5.95

    Fish Pakora G

    Codfish coated in spiced gram flour & deep fried served with salad & mint sauce.

  • £5.75

    Prawn Puri

    Prawns cooked with pureed fresh infused with garlic, cumin, green herbs. Medium.