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Vegetarian Main Dishes

Legend: D-Dairy G-Gluten N-Nuts
  • £9.50

    Bhindi Masala (V)

    Fresh okra in a rich onion and tomato masala. Medium

  • £9.50

    Paneer Karahi (V) (D)

    Cubes home-made cheese cooked with bell pepper and tomato based sauce. Hot

  • £9.50

    Chana Masala (V) (D)

    Semi-dry preparation of chickpeas in onion and tomato based gravy, flavoured with caraway seeds. Medium.

  • £9.50

    Aubergine Masala (V)

    Frsh baby aubergines cooked with caramelised onions & North Indian spices.

  • £9.50

    Saag Paneer (V) (D)

    Fresh spinach cooked with paneer

  • £9.50

    Saag Aloo (V) (D)

    Fresh spinach cooked with potato. Medium

  • £9.50

    Bombay Aloo (V)

    Chunky potatoes with dry spices. Medium

  • £9.50

    Matar Paneer (V) (D)

    A signature vegetarian dish. Chunks of cottage cheese with tender peas. Medium.

  • £9.50

    Tarka Dal (V) (D)

    Yellow lentils tempered with garlic and fresh coriander. Medium

  • £9.50

    Mix Vegetables (V)

    Mix vegetables tossed in with medium Indian spices. Medium

  • £9.50

    Paneer Masala (V) (D)

    Paneer is a delectable and rich Indian gravy made of Paneer pieces cokked in a base of Butter, tomatoes & cream and North Indian spices.