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Chicken Speciality

Legend: D-Dairy G-Gluten N-Nuts
  • £11.95

    Chicken Pista Korma D N

    Cooked in a smooth almond, coconut and fresh cream based sauce. Rich and tasty. Mild. Suggested Side Dish: Paneer Masala

  • £11.95

    Butter Chicken (D) (N)

    Chicken tikka in a tomato, honey and cream based sauce. At least 20 ingredients go into this famous Indian Dish. Mild. Suggested Side Dish: Bhindi Masala

  • £11.95

    Chicken Tikka Masala (D) (N)

    Scotland's most famous dish perfected by us. Onion, tomato and cashew nut based gravy with ginger, fenugreek and fresh. Medium. Suggested Side Dish : Saag Aloo

  • £11.95

    Chicken Saag (D)

    Fresh spinach infused with garlic, cumin spices. Medium.Suggested Side Dish : Bombay Aloo

  • £11.95

    Green Herbs Chicken

    Chicken cubes gently cooked with fresh herbs, tomato and onion base sauce. Medium. Suggested Side Dish : Mushroom Bhaji

  • £11.95

    Chicken Koliwada

    Chicken cooked to a coastal recipe from Mumbai with Cashew nut peanut, coconut, curry leaves and mustard seed. Medium Suggested Side Dish : Saag Aloo

  • £11.95

    Chicken Chilli Garlic

    Chicken cooked with onion, tomato, fresh green chillies and garlic. Hot Suggested Side Dish : Aubergine Masala

  • £11.95

    Chicken Jalfrezi

    Chunks of chicken breast cooked in a tangy and spicy gravy with juliennes of green pepper. Medium Suggested Side Dish: Tarka Daal

  • £11.95

    Chicken Karahi (D)

    Chicken breast cooked in tomato, onion and green-pepper based sauce. Hot. Suggested Side Dish : Aloo Gobi

  • £12.95

    Chicken Biryani

    Bold and flavorful Dish with crazy tender bites of chicken with bell peppers in deliciously spiced and fragrant rice. Suggested Side Dish : Asian Salad